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Please be aware that all "Grade Access” in accordance with students grades are charged at a fixed amount of £12.99p per week in order for you gain access to your belt or colour. Students however having obtained a colour via an assessment grading approved by the KMA Association can also access additional belt colours below their grade standard with no additional charges incurred. Students can only access a belt colour if they are studying that colour syllabus,  or have achieved that grade or colour.

Each access point or colour when "logged in" will give students access to documentation and tutorial videos in relation and accordance with standards achieved or wishing to obtain. As private and group class have been suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the tutorial videos have been filmed to give students a re-connection and realistic pathway back towards maintaining standards, lessons and daily practice routines from the comfort of your home or Dojo.

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Please allow 48hr to process your registration for access. Payment for access must be paid from submission of this registration form.

"Pay As You Go: £12.99p for one Week’s Access"

Students must have either completed their "introduction course" or have obtained the necessary qualification in order to access the “Study Rooms”.

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'Access is given only to registered users holding a valid Membership"

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