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The Shadow Trials

It is my opinion and that of many instructors of Bushido or Battojutsu schools, that competition is very much a proven and valid indication towards technical competency and credibility in each style of martial-arts. However the technique and form used or presented should always be based upon the fundamental teachings of each school, and not based purely on experimentation or personal ideology. The Shadow Trials are however an exception to the rule and not always condoned by many schools due to the brutal nature of the competition overall. It is for many the ultimate test of skill and endurance against formidable opponents that will not only push each challenger to the limits their ability, but also question individual mortality during the trials.

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Registration Form

"For The Fellowship Of Shadow Warriors"

All information is kept strictly confidential in order to protect members and from information leaking to third party agencies or organisations. Members must register and agree to strict rules and conditions as a potential member of the Fellowship Of Shadow Warriors. You must also understand that you as an individual are soly responsible for you own wellbeing and safety during any of the challenges or Trials undertaken. You must have no less that 10 years experience in the sword drawing arts, and five years experience in competition events using a sword, this would include Kendo or Battojutsu styles.

“Do not sign up for any Trial or Challenge unless you have a Fellowship Membership, and are an experienced practitioner in the “Way Of The Sword & Competative Fightig"

You must have paid for the “Fellowship Of Shadows”  before your registration form can be processed.

"Psychology Of The Trials"

We scare ourselves by imagining negative outcomes to any activities we pursue or experience. But just because we imagine these things happening, that doesn’t mean they WILL happen, or that they will be as painful as we think.
That’s why psychologists like to say that fear stands for “Fantasised Experiences Appearing Real.”
Because fear is all about what MIGHT happen – not what WILL happen.
The “Shadow Trials” is not so much about testing your skills and abilities with a Live Blade, but more about accepting the fear of Death or Dying when using one. It is inevitable that at some point in our lives Fate will show it’s hand, so understanding and Control of this fear by placing yourself directly in line with it can ultimately benefit towards understanding immortality and the inevitability surrounding death, and not leave you in fear of it.

The Fellowship Of Shadows

Membership Only Licence
"Renewable Anual Payments"

Payment for membership into the Fellowship Of Shadow Warriors only. This gives each member excusivity for One Year as a fully subscribed member. 


The cost of the Fellowship Of Shadows is for a licence to become accepted into the fellowship of shadows, as without a licence you can not be a Shadow Trial Member or be included into any Shadow Trial Tournaments.

Shadow Trial Member

Shadow Trials Scroll
"Renewable Anual Payments"

Payment as a fully paid member of the Fellowship Of Shadow Warriors gives exclusive access into any of the Challenges presented as a licence holder. 


The overall cost is for a Trial Membership giving permission to access the Shadow Trial Tournaments, but does not include the enterance fees for each tournament held. 


There is a saying: That it is not so much the Wining that is important, but the taking part. The analogy of which is best left to those contented with coming last. The “Shadow Trials” is not for “Theatrics” or “Role Player” but about the self, and you ability to overcome almost impassible odds against challengers of equal standing or higher. It is not always about the fight but more the fight in the Individual. For every situation or difficulty within the trials can have its own rewards or failures, and every challenge has a unique answer if found. Reaching your goal and claiming your prize may not be the aim, but to question the why will alway drive the individual to find an answer.

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Senior Members

Our four experts and administrators for social media websites, including our online school for the art of Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu-ninjutsu.

Sensei Treanor

Master of Arts of the Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu, Honjojutsu Katori Ryu, Battojutsu Katori Ryu, member of the Dark Arts Association.


Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis specialist in his field and a gifted shadow warrior, moral booster, and head hunter during the Shadow Trials.


Graham Blackford

Graham Blackford bush craft expert and trials champion, admin, and senior instructor, member of the Dark Arts Association.


Terry Lloyd

Terry Lloyd exceptional martial artist and weapons expert, member of the Dark Arts Association.