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What Is Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu?

Kokidoryuninjutsu doesn't claim to be better or worse than any other Martial Arts system. And can only be as good as is represented by students who study this arts form. The system even though going through changes in 1987 was necessary in order to bring the style into the 21st century, but very much keeping true to the origins and history of the system overall. As the system evolved from the ancient styles and secrets of the Japanese Warrior class it was also heavily influenced by the Chinese during the 12th century by the introduction of buddhism and Kung Fu by the Shaolin Priests during the trading links at that period. Very little is recorded to indicate at which point in history do we understand the system of Kokidoryuninjutsu today and when factions of the Ninja class broke away in order to form its own Shadow Warrior Class. Many believe however that Ninja and Shadow Warrior are one and the same, but in fact Ninja were a clan of individuals living and training together as a collective group. The Shadow Warrior however lived by his or her own rules always alone and never as a group, forging skills unparalleled in assassination to gain advantage over competitors. It is without question that the Ninja or ( Shinobi-no-Mono ) were highly skilled and motivated in their craft, but their objectives were different from the every day assassin. As a Ninja had just few objective, retrieve and recall valuable information heard or otherwise, cause as much chaos and disruption as possible, then escape as quickly as possible like rats in the night. A dead Ninja is no good to anyone if they hold value within there assignment. A Shadow Warrior has also few objectives, destroy or assassinate your target, leave no trace of a future threat physically or otherwise, then walk calmly out into the Shadow of the night.

We know that throughout Japanese martial history individuals for what ever reasons either personally or politically motivated had left the safety of their homes and work places to become lawless mercenaries in order to survive. The most famous of which was Miyamoto Musashi ( the secrets of which can be read in the Book Of Five Rings ). They would never intentionally reveal there secrets as this would be advantageous to others financially or in a duel, and as such the techniques behind there martial skills would only be revealed close to death in order to mark reverence and meaning towards the life they had undertaken. The closest system of fighting art related to KokidoRyuNinjutsu or the Art of the Shadow Warrior was Shinobi no Mono and Ninpojutsu which is the basis behind Ninjutsu and stems from the Samurai Warrior. The secrets of Shadow technique were only taught to the very few, as competition for contractual work was high, and only the very best were capable or competent enough to carry out a pre-meditated attack with skill and efficiency without being captured or killed. And as such nearly all form and technique that the Shadow Warrior would posses in his or her life time would be handed down purely as a business arrangement towards the Master to his client eager to learn this deadly art form, in order to make a difference against the poverty they endured, and not by trading there skills for worthless goods and trinkets as the Ninja had done on many occasions. Then why isn't the style called Ninpojutsu? Well!! For one Ninpo had already be established as an ancient Art form and given reverence to the style of Ninjutsu, but Kokido was often a word used by the Shadow Warrior class to describe attitudes needed for inner strength and endurance on a mission. something you must possess to have and obtain as a state of mind Kokido, or “Ancient Way Of Inner Strength”.

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