Traditional Hessian White

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Traditional Kyahan made from Hessien were worn as padding underneath the samurai greaves (suneate). Some types of kyahan could be covered with mail armour (kusari kyahan or kyahan suneate); these were worn by foot soldiers (ashigaru) or by samurai as protection. Kyahan were worn by ordinary traveler's as protection from cold, insects and underbrush. The KMA Association Kyahan are designed for the field and competition work. The size of which are 13 cm x 203 cm for the Bandage, with two 11.5 cm x 203mm Sageo Cords to hold into position of which the Sageo and Hem is constructed using either a tough and durable Black Twill or White Denim fabric. Choosing a Kyahan is not only preferable to the user in practicality, but also relevant to the environment the Kyahan is to be worn in for stealth or camouflage.

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