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Tameshigiri-Pro Stand

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The Tameshigiri-Pro Cutting Stand designed by Tameshigiri-Pro Company is the most advanced cutting stand of it’s kind for the beginner or experienced practitioner of the sword in the pursuit of his or her art form and ability. Building speed and accuracy in the way of the Japanese sword drawing arts and Cutting techniques of Tameshigiri. Now you can make this ancient skill of the Japanese masters ever more possible with blinding accuracy.

The Versatility of our products gives you the capability through practicing an ability to execute precision cuts and strikes like never before, moving your Katana or Bokken through a dynamic range of movement, and from either a sheathed weapon or Kamae posture to make every possible cut hit it's target with precision and deadly accuracy.

The Object holders or Bobbins give the user a choice of objects that can be slotted into position in preparation for cutting practices. All is possible with our stands from striking using a Bokken, Jo Staff, or Nunchaku weapon to live practice with a Razor sharp Katana blade. Think of this apparatuses as a way of giving you an edge and opportunity to focus your skills with grater precision, with such dynamic range and speed that cutting an Apple in half is as possible as striking the head of a match or the wick of a candle flame.

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