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Sode - Half Sleeves

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The “Sode - Half Sleeves" tactical half sleeve usually worn on the right or positive arm gives additional protection to the wearer against sharp bladed weapons. This half sleeve comes in two sections, the "Oda" to protect the upper arm, and the "Soda" to protect the shoulder joint against slashing cuts or wayward strikes to this part of the body, and is tied securely by one “Sageo" cord wrapped around the torso. Each section is constructed of three individual layers of fabric with “Karlta” or styled plates using 3mm Aluminium, triple layered and running across the width and around the arm of the sleeve for added protection during field training or competitive work.

Beautifully constructed with every attention to detail, lightweight, Durable, and Thick material, easy and comfortable to wear. So give yourself that added presence and style when either engaging competitively or during field work.

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