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Haidate Thigh Guards + Supports

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These "Haidate" Thigh Guards are an awesome addition to any outfit in reducing damage to muscle, bone, or ligaments during either field training or competition work. Each "Haidate" has seventeen small armoured plates called "Karlta" made from 3mm high graded aluminium, resistant to sharp bladed weapons, of which are sewn into each Octagonal shaped design throughout each thigh guard. These thigh guards are designed to be light-weight, highly flexible, durable, and stealth looking, of which can be worn inside or outside of any outfit or uniform. A lace up design secured tightly at the top front of each guard that will stays firm to the contours of your thighs with minimal movement when engaged in combat. Not to be underestimated as these "Haidate" are extremely strong and effective . You may forget you are wearing these Tactical Haidate Thigh Guards, but when you do get hit, you will be grateful you wore one.

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