Ninpo Yoroi Uniform

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This stunning Ninpo Yoroi outfit is second to none in the way of the Ninja, either field training or competitively, as this is the real deal when it comes to strength, durability and style to take you to the next level in your craft as the true Warrior at heart.

This functional and traditional outfit is made from triple layers of tightly woven "Twill" fabric for strength, and resistance against cuts and scrapes. As you can see from our images, this outfit is truly stunning with every attention to detail given, and no corners cut in the detail or manufacturing of this Ninpo Yoroi outfit. All sections made by hand by craftsmen and overseen by quality control in order to give something special and unique to all our valued customers.

"What you receive with your order”

 1/ Jacket Sleeves - Oda Gote
 2/ Waist Bands - Hara-ate
 3/ Back Panel - Kachi Iro
 4/ Thigh Guards - Haidate
 5/ Hip & Groin Guards - Kusazuri
 6/ Chest Panels - Sendan-no-ita
 7 Gloves - Tekko
 8/ Shin Wraps - Kyahan
 9/ Shinto Rope - Shimenawa
10/ KMA Tactical Gi - Base Uniform
11/ Head Dress - Zukin & Fukumen
12/ Boots - Jikatabi

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