Kuroda Kusazuri - Hip & Groin Guards

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The Kuroda Kusazuri groin and hip armour both stunning to look at, and versatile in combat. Constructed of three separate panels two protecting the hip, and a central panel to protect the groin. Each panel has three individual sections, with each section at the hip containing 12 Karlta, each octagonal armour plate is 3mm thick and spaced to give maximum protection to ligament and bone against bladed weapons.

The central panel protecting the groin also has three sections with 18 Karlta, each octagonal armour plate being 3mm thick. Each armour plated panel is suspended freely and fixed at three anchor points along the panel by a thick twill cord, giving the wearer an option to extend to a forth armour panel if required.

This is awesome addition to any combative outfit, of which shouldn't be overlooked during either fieldwork, or a competitive environment. The hole Kuroda Kusazuri is fixed to the waist by a 1.5 inch x 163 inch sash belt both flexible and patinated for durability and functionality.

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