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This tactical arm band is both unique and a practical addition to any outfit during either field training or taking part in competitive work. Each band has 16 "Karlta" or tactical patches running the three quarter length, with one "Karlta" protecting the top of the wrist against direct or indirect cuts from a bladed weapon to the wrist or forearm.

This KMA Tactical Arm band measures at 72" inches in length by 2" inches in width, fixing in position above the elbow by velcro to give not only full movement of the joint, but also stability of the band itself. The wrist support strap is 14" inches in length by 2" inches in width fixed and secured by velcro, with a thick durable thumb loop preventing the band from slipping or moving when on manoeuvres. The combination between all fixed points, and an outward wrap around of the arm means the band will always want to twist inward, rather than outwards keeping the band snug to the arm at all times.

Customer notes:

If choosing a single KMA Tactical Arm Band in the listing make sure you select the correct arm you wish the band for, either left or right arm, as each band is designed and to be worn differently and can not interchangeable.

The left arm is wrapped counterclockwise up the arm, and the right is wrapped clockwise up the arm. The band is factory fitted into the wrist strap in a 45 degree angle in an outward position for the correct fitting of the band to each arm.

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