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Tactical Rod Finish
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These Tactical Gauntlets are to protect the forearms, and are a must have item to complement your any uniform, and to safeguard again injury to the forearm. These gauntlets are Tough, Light Weight, and extremely durable, made from either Eight or Ten 8mm x 240mm from elbow to wrist these high quality aluminium rods can be brushed alloy finish, hardened coated Black Matt finish. They have been tested and proven in field work and competitions, including the KMA Association Shadow Trials, and Mock Trials using live blades. They give protection to the Ulna & Radius bone against excessive damage including soft tissue injury if struck, but only towards the tactical rods of each Gauntlet. Remember when choosing your finish that when Aluminium is struck with a sharp blade, the tendency for the metal is to dent or buckle, depending on the force behind the strike, as with Steel that tends to fracture with equal forces applied. These are an important item to have in reducing the risk of unnecessary damage to your forearms, either in the Dojo or field work.

Selection Definition explained:

1/ Tactical Rods = Aluminium rods used for protection against strikes.
2/ T/R stands for Tactical Rods
3/ 8 or 10 is for amount Rods given in one pair, which in this case meaning either 4 or 5 rods used in each Gauntlet pending on selection made.

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