Kinchaku - Potion & Utility Bag

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Kinchaku (巾着, literally "attached to one's sash") is a traditional Japanese drawstring bag, used like a handbag (similar to the English reticule) for carrying around personal possessions, potions & Poisons; smaller ones are usually used to carry loose coinage (similar to a sagemono), cosmetics, lucky charms, hand warmers and other small items. Larger versions can be used to carry bento (packed lunchboxes) and utensils, as well as other larger possessions. Kinchaku are traditionally carried by Shadow Warriors, maiko and geisha. Size 18mm x 15mm and traditionally worn over the shoulder and tied to Kaku Obi or belt. Product comes with polythene bag to place damp or wet items to protect the Kinchaku Bag.

You can also select a Japanese Kanji character to be embroidered onto the Kinchaku Bag, giving your purchase an authentic and personal touch. Or just keep your Kinchaku plain and simple, it's up to you? The additional cost of adding any one Character to your Kinchaku is £20.00, or just select "No Character" to pay for the Kinchaku Bag only.

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