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Beautifully hand made Kaku Obi in Black Twill Fabric, with an internal cross woven and breathable webing for comfort and support. The Kaku obi is a stiff thin style of traditional belt worn with kimono. Initially worn by men, it has found use in traditional martial arts for securing swords, aiding breathing and complimenting your chakuso. Most often used in Iaido, but also Kendo and Koryu practice.

Manufacture process : All belts are constructed using a strong durable Twill fabric with a folded inner lining running throughout the length of the belt. 6 stitch lines in total with 4 central stitch lines at 10 mm distance running down the belt with precision. The ends of the belt are perfectly squared off with two lines of parallel stitching to secure and fasten. Please select

Standard Size 167 inch x 4 inch 424.18cm x 10 cm approximately

Large Size 197 inch x 4 inch - 500.38 cm x 10 cm

Extra Large 236 x 4 inch - 599.44 cm x 10cm

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