Dark Arts Warrior Uniform

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The Dark Arts Association Warriors Uniform purchased only from the KMA Association shop is an awesome addition to anyones collection, and is a most formidable outfit in every description or detail. This uniform is depicted and worn by Dark Arts Warriors during the "Shadow Trials" Competitions run by the KMA Association, and is the standard outfit warn by all Dark Arts Warrior challengers during the Trials..

"When you receive your package it will contain the following items":

1/ One Black Cross woven competition Gi, heavy duty 190 gram with trousers. All our Gi tops have cords sewed into them to secure and reduce unnecessary
movement while wearing under normal conditions. The trousers are corded around the waist in order to secure an inner garment for protection and warmth.

2/ One pair of Tabi Socks.

3/ One pair of Tabi Boots Outdoor.

4/ One pair of Kyahan Shin Wraps with sewed in cords.

5/ One Kaku Obi.

6/ One Sageo Cord to secure you Gi top & raise the sleeves of your Gi. ( You Gi top has two eyelets sewed into each arm for the cord to pass through in order to
maintain correct
functionality of the cord ).

7/ One pair of Tactical Gloves.

8/ One pair of Tactical Shin Guards.

9/ One pair of Tactical Gauntlets.

10/ One breathable Shemagh head scarf.

11/ One Oni half faced Samurai Mask..

12/ One Shimenawa Rope worn by the Dark Arts Association Warriors.

13/ One pair of Tekkou Fabric Gauntlets.

14/ One instruction & information booklet on the Shadow Warrior Uniform.

15/ One Black Camouflaged Cape

16/ Kinchaku - Potion Bag

Please note:

When purchasing the complete Shadow Warrior Outfit please select a size prior to ordering, if you would like either s Small, Medium, or larger size then please select this in the description to avoid disappointment your end. All Oni Half Face Samurai Masks can vary in style and colour due to availability of the product from the manufacturer, and no two Mask will be identical as they can either be cast pressed or hand crafted products. All Shadow Warrior Oufits are made to order with the very best materials and products available, and with this said no two outfits will be identical having supple differences that makes then unique to each individual wearer of the outfit.

Important Note:

International Postal Charges from UK to Canada or United States for Parcels over 2 kilos for international parcels have risen. A completed Shadow Warrior Uniform weighs 6.224 kilos and can cost between £45.00 no protection or up to £85.00 full protection or Insurance covering the cost if either damages or Stolen. The KMA Association for items over 2 kilos use a third party courier service such as Parcels2go.com and will ensure you are kept informed regarding any issues, but can not guarantee your orders contents or delivery if you choose not to insure its contents or indeed the package fails to arrive at its destination. It is rare that issues may arise regarding orders to the US or Canada but it could, so the advice is always insure contents just in case. We will always work with you to ensure not only the Uniform arrives safely, but it is also sent at a reasonable postal charge, as Etsy does not send parcels that weight over 6 Kg the KMA Association use a third party international parcel service that is affordable to all concerned.



A1 5'5" - 5’8” 165 cm - 173 cm
A2 5’9” - 5’11” 175 cm - 180 cm
A3 5"11” - 6’2" 80 cm - 188 cm
A2H 5’8” - 5’11” 173 cm - 180 cm
A2L 5"11” - 6’2” 180 cm - 188 cm


132 lbs - 163 lbs 60 -74 Kilo
167 lbs -190 lbs 76 - 86 Kilo
192 lbs - 233 lbs 87 -106 Kilo
192 lbs - 233 lbs 87 - 106 Kilo
159 lbs - 190 lbs 72 - 86 Kilo


A2H - For slightly Heavy / Husky A2 grapplers
A2L - For Tall A2 Grappler

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